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Spa Services

Ear Candling

Combination of suction & heat to remove wax & relieve pressure from the ear canal

2 candles $25     4 candles $40

Sole Retreat

Foot soak, leg and foot scrub & massage infused with essential oils & epsom salts.

30 mins $25

Hiker's Boot 

Foot soak, leg and foot scrub, detoxifying mud mask for legs and feet followed by a deep tissue massage focusing on aches and pains in the feet and legs. 

45 Mins $55

Paraffin Hand Dip $15

Dip your hands into warm paraffin wax to help sooth aches and sore muscles in the hands and joints.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage $15

Fragrant oils are massaged into head and neck. Head is wrapped in a warm towel while the oil is absorbed. 

15-20 min treatment

Body Scrub 

Full body exfoliation making the skin vibrant and healthy

45 Mins $60‚Äč

Nap Time - $10

Take an extra 15 mins to relax after a massage or facial service.

Spa Packages

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